When: Back to Calendar May 3, 2013 – May 6, 2013 (all-day)
Where: Belgium
Cost: TBD
Contact: Yman Yuen
Tags: Belgium

Group Travel

Dates: 3-6 May 2013

Audience: String and Symphony Orchestras, Symphonic Band, Fanfare, Brass Band, Big Band

Organizer: European Music Festival for Young People

Tour Highlight: European Music Festival For Young People – Orchestra Festival , Professional Workshops, Choral Competition, Concerts & Sightseeing

After a modest start in 1953, the European Music Festival for Young
People in Neerpelt soon became one of the most prominent festivals
in Europe. Today, it can no longer be disregarded from the
international music scene. Each year around the first of May,
Neerpelt (in the North of Limburg – Belgium) is the home town of
the European Music Festival for Young People.
Music and singing are the most important aspects of the European
Music Festival for Young People but also
the meetings, fraternization and exchange between participants and
the local population play an important role too. Many orchestral and
choral conductors, musicians, singers and their companions show
themselves very enthusiastic over the perfect organization, the warm
welcome, the kindness and the patience of the festival staff members
and the pleasant and unforgettable moments they’ve experienced
during the festival days.

1. Category A & Pennant category A: Symphonic Band, Fanfare, Brass Band, Big Band
2. Category B & Pennant category B : Jazz ensembles
3. Category C & Pennant category C: Percussion ensembles
4. Category D & Pennant category D: Traditional instrumental and vocal chamber music
5. Category E & Pennant category E: String and Symphony Orchestras
6. Category F & Pennant category F: Ensembles with free instrumentation (= ensembles with several instruments from all possible instrument groups) and folk music
7. Category G & Pennant category G: Ancient music (i.e. ancient music up to and including baroque)

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2013Festival_Belgium Europe Music Festival for Young People (Ochestral Festival) (Eng Version)

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