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International Youth Music Festival

Bratislava, Slovakia

International Youth Music Festival The International Youth Music Festival in Bratislava, Slovakia, is fully supported by the European Choral Association and is jointly presented by the government of Bratislava and Bratislava Music Agency. As one of Europe’s most recognized festivals, attended by choirs and orchestras from all around the world, participating groups will at once benefit from, and at the same time contribute to, the rich cultural atmosphere and the artistic heritage of the city of Bratislava.


Each group, be it a choir or an orchestra, will have ample opportunities to perform in concert halls, beautifully ornate churches and outdoor settings in the historical city centre. This unique musical and cultural experience, which attracts talented musicians from around the world to an environment that proves to be mutually beneficial to all, will surely inspire musicians as they compete, perform and learn together in Bratislava – the city of dreams.


Late July every year.

Tour to last approx. 8 - 12 days


Choirs & Instrumental Ensembles


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