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study tours

University of Cambridge & Oxford

England, United Kingdom

Our course at University of Cambridge and Oxford delivers an all-rounded musical training at the highest level. 


Delivered at St Catherine’s College Cambridge, the course is taught by professors, conductors and experts steeped in the historic traditions of Oxford & Cambridge Universities and English Cathedral traditions. It is available for pre-formed choirs or instrumental ensembles, as well as individual vocal/instrumental students.

Infused with an element of “cultural discovery” – the high-quality, antique-campus based course is enhanced by a diverse itinerary of extracurricular activities, e.g. attending concerts, visiting museums, immersing in natural landscapes etc. The result is an all-rounded and “natural” music learning experience that opens up and broadens the artistic and cultural minds of the students, gaining a wealth of new musical knowledge and its cultural relevance at the heart of Australia. 


Students can expect to learn a range of new repertoire as well as receiving coaching on the pieces that they bring along to the course. The course will be complemented by a balance of aural training, music theory & history, guided listening & music appreciation.

Depending to the time of year, there could also be opportunities to rehearse/perform/exchange with local students during the course and at the graduation concert.

An important focus of the course is 'performance'. Every afternoon, before class dismisses, an informal performance will be held. These are intended as ‘work-in-progress’ performances and are open to parents to attend. The last day of the course will conclude with a longer, formal public performance.


Anytime of the year, subject to availability.

Tour to last approx. 10 - 14 days


Choirs & Instrumental Ensembles.

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