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Cantemus International Choral Festival

Nyíregyháza, Hungary

The Cantemus International Choral Festival in Hungary, founded by the pre-eminent Hungarian choral maestero Dénes Szabó and his Cantemus Choral Institute, is one of the world’s most influential and critically acclaimed of its kind.


The level of the competition is very high. The festival has consistently attracted the world’s best choirs to gather in Nyíregyháza every two years for its competition and choral exchanges, including Vesna Children’s Choir (Russia), The Resonanz Children’s Choir (Indonesia), Stellenbosch University Chamber Choir (South Africa), as well as other choirs from Germany, UK, Australia and around the world.


The festival’s exchange and performance activities are highly anticipated as well. A great spotlight is the opportunity to experience the singing of the Institute’s very own 7 world-class choirs’, and to sing with them at the massed choir performance in the closing ceremony. Such choirs include Cantemus Children’s Choir, Pro Musica Girls’ Choir, Cantemus Mixed Choir etc.


Since its establishment in 1975, the Cantemus Choral Institute is one of Hungary’s flagship choral schools that utilizes the Kodaly Method in its teaching. Over the years they have nurtured numerous choral experts and distinguished choir members, and have toured around the world.


Mid-August every year.

Tour to last approx. 8 - 12 days


Choirs only.


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