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Europa Cantat

Lujblijana, Slovenia

Organized every three years by the European Choral Association, Europa Cantat is the biggest non-competitive choral festival in the world since 1961. Held in a different country each time, the 10-day event gathers over 4000 participants coming from all around the world, to share their passion for singing, to discover other musical cultures, to learn new music and skills at festival "ateliers", and to perform.


‘Ateliers’ make up the heart of the festival. It refers to the many ‘choral topics’ that participants can choose to learn in the festival. Atelier topics vary greatly, including Folklore, African, Film, Medieval, Jazz, Broadway, Experimental, Classical, just to name a few, all delivered by top-notch international experts in the respective field.


At the end of the festival, there will be concerts where the singers perform the pieces they learned. In addition, Open Singings are held in the evenings where songs in all kinds of languages and genres are performed. No matter if you sing in a choir, ensemble or alone – Europa Cantat has something for you!


Mid/late-July every 3 years.

Tour to last approx. 10 - 14 days


Choirs only.

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