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European Music Festival for Young People (Neerpelt, Belgium)

Neerpelt, Belgium

Each year around late April and early May, Neerpelt becomes the home town of the European Music Festival for Young People - an annual musical feast that is alternately organized for choirs and instrumental ensembles. Each year, over five thousand musicians from all around the world would brighten up the city with an impeccable atmosphere filled with music, culture and international exchange.


Apart from the Jury Concerts evaluated by an international jury, participants can enjoy all kinds of "Happenings", "Proclamations" and "Laureate Concerts", performed by the best groups in the evening of each day. This unique combination of education, competition and evaluation ensure that participants can undertake worldwide exchanges and build international friendships.


Late April every year.

Tour to last approx. 9 - 12 days


Choirs and Instrumental Ensembles


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